Frequently Asked Questions

Can I drink beer or wine from a Longy glass? What about fizzy drinks?
Yes. The information stored in the glass informs the water, regardless whether pure water or water in juice, but also   the water that comprises part of the wine, beer, etc….
Do tea and coffee change their structure in a Longy glass, so do the harmful substances perhaps "soften" and make the tea or coffee more tolerable, etc.?
The water that is part of coffee, tea and wine changes and makes it easier for the body to hydrate itself.
Does this proximity include a fridge in the kitchen?
Yes. You should keep your Longy out of the fridge.
There is a 40 or 60 W lamp on the dining table, about 20 cm away - does this affect the effect of the glass?
The lamp radiates far too little to have an effect on the information in the glass.
Does the information in the glass regenerate when the lamp is switched off?
No. The information in the glass can only be regenerated in the laboratory, where glasses undergo the informing process.
If drinking informed water from a glass lengthens telomeres, does this also apply to cancer cells - and does this therefore promote cancer?
Telomere lengthening is both a preventive and curative measure for cancer. The impact of telomere lengthening and the way telomere lengthening affect the behaviour of cancer cells is described in detail by Michael Fossel, MD, PhD, in his book The Telomerase Revolution.
Microchips are in the glass and invisible. Is this true?
No. The information is not in microchips, but in the altered "structure" of the glass, similar to magnetised things where the magnetisation is not "hidden" in the microchips.
If we get 5G, will the electrosmog becomes too thick and the glass will " become depleted", or will it deplete itself eventually anyway?
The information imprinted in the glass is "permanent", but it can vanish over time due to certain circumstances. An informed glass buried in the ground does not lose its information after five years; in homes full of different types of radiation, however, we estimate that it should work for about three years if it is not stored at the source or in close proximity to strong sources of electromagnetic radiation. The amount of water poured into the glass does not affect its strength, as the information is not of a material nature and does not disappear from the glass.
I have bought a Longy glass. I would like to know which peptides it contains.
The glass contains longevity, cardio-vascular and liver peptide information ... and also information from a plant mixture that stimulates telomerase, as well as information for the molecular modification of water in order to hydrate the body better.
I was taking thyroid, cartilage, thymus, brain, liver, blood vessel, bone marrow and pineal gland peptides in capsule form. According to the provider of these peptides, I should repeat the course after three months. If I understand the Longy glass princip
The glass and consequently the water do not contain all these peptide information. However, drinking from the glass is expected to restore your body and you may no longer need some of the peptides.
How long does the water retain the information from the Longy glass if I pour the water from the Longy glass into a bottle and take it with me on a trip?
Water from a glass does not lose information unless if it is affected by strong radiation (closeness to television, telephone...); you can definitely take it with you.
Do you have any information on how plants and animals react to the water from this glass?
Plants and animals "want" informed water because it enters the cells more easily and therefore they are better supplied with what they are essentially made of.
Can I pour water from a Polarix bottle into a Longy glass?

Yes, you can. Polarix physically prepares the water so that it is easier for the body to absorb and therefore uses less energy. The Longy glass adds information to the water, which is great for your cells. In fact, the Polarix bottle and Longy glass are the best possible combination.

Can I pour hot tea into a glass or does it need to be chilled?

You can pour hot tea into a glass, the heat will not prevent the liquid from absorbing information.

I have an orgonite coaster on my desk, on which sits the water I have been drinking. Can I pour this same water into the Longy glass and does the orgonite affect the information in the glass?

The information from the orgonite is likely to remain in the water, but the water will also take in all the information from the jar.

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