Drinking water from a Longy glass
induces cell revitalisation

Securing a longer and healthier life

Drinking water from a Longy glass renews the cells in our body and prolongs our life. Peptide information is imprinted in the glass and transferred into the water. The informed water in turn stimulates the revitalization and regeneration of our cells. The water from the glass is softer and more pleasant to drink; it improves our mood, boosts energy and vitality and results in a more distinct urine odour.

Peptides in our cells lengthen telomeres, which shorten naturally each time a cell divides due to ageing and, increasingly, also due to radiation and other negative environmental impacts. The longer the telomeres, the healthier and longer life we have ahead of us. Women have, on average, longer telomeres compared to age matched males, a difference that is already present at birth.

Like peptides and selected food choices, drinking from a Longy glass promotes telomere regrowth. This means cell renewal and regeneration of individual organs, healthy ageing and longer life. Cells "come alive" and the body helps itself. Affected organs or tissues are restored without chemistry or surgery.   

The benefit of the Longy glass is particularly relevant in the second half of life, after the age of forty. If the body is sick, it can, of course, be used earlier.  Those who benefit from earlier use include top athletes and people who live in extreme working and weather conditions.

The information from the glass affects cells progressively. The information cannot be overdosed, does not affect the action of medicines taken and has no side effects.  

The Longy glass is sold in pairs; with the aim that you can drink water from the Longy glass throughout the day, at home and at work

Healthy at 40+

Top athletes

When ill

Longy glass / pair
89,00 €