Dr. Gordana Joksic 

Longy stimulates tissue repair 

Molecular biologist and geneticist Dr Gordana Joksic had found, using a micronucleus test, that drinking water from a Longy glass significantly reduces chromosomal damage - it removes cells that would form micronuclei (immature cell nuclei). An expert from the Genmedica Biochemistry Laboratory, a cytogenetics centre in Belgrade, explained what exactly these findings mean for the health of those who drink water from a Longy glass.

The peptide information is imprinted into the glass of Longy using a special technology. This information is transferred to the water we drink. This information in turn stimulates the revitalisation and renewal of our cells. 

In your test report, you wrote that although the mechanism of action of the Longy glass has not yet been studied, it is very likely that it triggers apoptosis - the physiological mechanism for eliminating damaged cells and toxins without causing inflammation. What does this mean?

Apoptosis is a way of removing damaged or infected cells from tissues to maintain tissue balance - homeostasis. Apoptosis is a universal mechanism of tissue regeneration and is programmed. Receptors on the outer cell membrane are activated, which in turn signal other molecules inside the cell to the mitochondria, which complete the process by breaking down the damaged cell into apoptotic bodies. These apoptotic bodies are then taken up by a type of white blood cell and completely removed. Without inflammation or necrosis, the damaged cell is replaced by a healthy one. Only healthy tissue retains this physiological mechanism. Apoptosis cannot be activated in any type of malignant cell and it is not known how it is switched off. Although the mechanism of action of the Longy glass is not yet fully understood, it is likely that the components of the Longy glass, when in contact with water, generate molecular O2 which activates membrane receptors and consequently triggers apoptosis.

How is this water better than ordinary tap water?

Water from a Longy glass stimulates tissue regeneration, whereas tap water to quenches thirst.

Will we have more energy after drinking this water, will it help us when we are stressed?

It definitely benefits us at rest and when we are stressed.

Is the water chemically enhanced?

I believe the water is chemically enhanced, you can see the deposit of limestone around the edge of the glass. However, I cannot talk about other changes in the chemical composition of the water because I was looking at the effect of water on genomic stability. Chemists would probably have the right answer to that question.

What changes for the person who drinks the water from a Longy glass, for humans or animals, and for plants when they are irrigated?

I believe that by drinking water from a Longy glass we contribute to the detoxification of our own organism and help to maintain the physiological mechanisms of tissue repair.
In some of the changes we have studied, there is a noticeable effect of shortening the cell cycle, cells divide and multiply more quickly, so it is logical to expect a positive effect in agriculture and horticulture. We can expect more plant growth in a shorter period of time and less susceptibility to plant diseases due to the ability to identify damaged cells which are eliminated.

Have you ever tried a glass with a similar effect?

No, I have not.

Would you like to add anything?

It would be very useful to scientifically prove the mechanisms of action of water from the Longy glass, as this water has great potential for preventing degenerative and inflammatory diseases in humans.

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