Dr Yuri Yatsko

Transfer of information is old knowledge

»Information technologies involving the transfer of information into a medium such as a glass or water, which have recently become very popular, are already old technologies. They have already been researched, for example, by the German physician and researcher Dr. Wilheim Reich (1897-1957), who only revived these technologies,« explains Dr Jurij Yatsko, a Russian physicist, psychologist and mental skill training expert. We talked to him about how information technology works, which is the basis for the informed Longy glass.

Yatsko explains:
Recently, the so-called "information technologies” have become very popular and are used by an increasing number of people. The distinguished Russian scientist Dr Peter P. Garjajev also works in this field. These technologies are connected in one way or another with the people who organize the information process, the transfer of information from one object to another, their understanding of nature and the mechanisms of the processes they want to trigger. The devices used are not so important. Water is most often used for information because it is the most vulnerable. It has quite a dynamic structure that can be quickly altered  by this technology.

When transferring information from one object to another object, the receiving object acquires some of the properties of the first object. Suppose we take the information of a drug or a food supplement that is very expensive or impossible to obtain, and we put that information into water, it will acquire some of those properties. When this water is drunk, it will have an effect on the body similar to taking this drug or food supplement. Such experiments have been conducted many times, and the results of similar tests have been published in many scientific publications. The information can be transferred directly into the water or through an intermediate, such as a specially pre-informed glass or bottle. The approaches vary.

The key role in this process is played by the people who organize and manage the process. Not only is specific information about a drug transmitted, but also the person's information state. Therefore, two people using the same procedure will achieve different end results. For this reason, the inner mental, emotional and spiritual state, the worldview of that person organizing the water information process is extremely important. It is comparable to the way an artist transfers his psychological, mental and spiritual state into a product, a painting, music, poetry, a book, etc.

When information from water enters an organism, it triggers certain processes in the organism. Over time, I have developed the ability to sense the processes in my body that are triggered by a certain substance or piece of information. This is not a mysterious thing, but an ability that anyone can develop. In nature, this ability enables animals to survive.

The Longy glass contains various longevity related combinations of information that are transmitted to the water. I have found that the expected effect occurs especially in the elderly and fatigued people.

When the body receives a spectrum of information from the informed water, it is like in medicine: the mental state of the patient decides whether the drug will help or not. For this reason, a good doctor must prepare the patient to accept the drug and the treatment, in which case the result will be good. However, if one (un)consciously resists this treatment, including drinking water from a Longy glass, the effect will be minimal or non-existent.

Peter Firbas, BSc

Improves the quality of water

The informed Longy glass reduced the overall toxicity and genotoxicity levels of local drinking tap water. This was revealed by the Allium test carried out by biologist Peter Firbas from the private Plant Cytogenetics Laboratory in Domžale. Genotoxicity was reduced from 7.2 percentage points to four percentage points. This means that there were fewer damaged chromosomes in the Allium Cepa bulbs tested. Drinking water from the Longy glass has thus improved by one quality grade. The water's health risk rating was reduced from medium to low to low to zero.

Peter Firbas used ten bulbs of Allium Cepa L. Five of them sprouted their roots in a test tube, into which he poured the local tap water without first pouring it into an informed Longy glass. The other five bulbs sprouted their roots into tubes of the local drinking water that had been previously poured into the Longy glass.

The only way to determine the level of genotoxicity is to use the Allium bioassay, which captures the totality of all energy, chemical and physical impacts on the water on its journey from the source to the glass of water we pour from our taps, says Peter Firbas.

"Humans are not onions, of course, but at the cellular level, and especially at the level of the cell nucleus, there is no difference between onions and humans, since the biochemical composition of the chromosomes of onions and humans is identical. Cells are always mutating, but an effective immune system can detect these mutations. The weaker our immune system, the more likely we are to develop cancer. That's why it's important to drink the best quality water possible,” stresses Peter Firbas.

There is an increasing amount of harmful waste in water, especially drug residues, which are difficult to trace. It has been proven that the Longy glass reduces the impact of these harmful substances on health. When we drink water from it, we feel more energised.

Dr. Gordana Joksic 

Longy stimulates tissue repair 

Molecular biologist and geneticist Dr Gordana Joksic had found, using a micronucleus test, that drinking water from a Longy glass significantly reduces chromosomal damage - it removes cells that would form micronuclei (immature cell nuclei). An expert from the Genmedica Biochemistry Laboratory, a cytogenetics centre in Belgrade, explained what exactly these findings mean for the health of those who drink water from a Longy glass.

The peptide information is imprinted into the glass of Longy using a special technology. This information is transferred to the water we drink. This information in turn stimulates the revitalisation and renewal of our cells. 

In your test report, you wrote that although the mechanism of action of the Longy glass has not yet been studied, it is very likely that it triggers apoptosis - the physiological mechanism for eliminating damaged cells and toxins without causing inflammation. What does this mean?

Apoptosis is a way of removing damaged or infected cells from tissues to maintain tissue balance - homeostasis. Apoptosis is a universal mechanism of tissue regeneration and is programmed. Receptors on the outer cell membrane are activated, which in turn signal other molecules inside the cell to the mitochondria, which complete the process by breaking down the damaged cell into apoptotic bodies. These apoptotic bodies are then taken up by a type of white blood cell and completely removed. Without inflammation or necrosis, the damaged cell is replaced by a healthy one. Only healthy tissue retains this physiological mechanism. Apoptosis cannot be activated in any type of malignant cell and it is not known how it is switched off. Although the mechanism of action of the Longy glass is not yet fully understood, it is likely that the components of the Longy glass, when in contact with water, generate molecular O2 which activates membrane receptors and consequently triggers apoptosis.

How is this water better than ordinary tap water?

Water from a Longy glass stimulates tissue regeneration, whereas tap water to quenches thirst.

Will we have more energy after drinking this water, will it help us when we are stressed?

It definitely benefits us at rest and when we are stressed.

Is the water chemically enhanced?

I believe the water is chemically enhanced, you can see the deposit of limestone around the edge of the glass. However, I cannot talk about other changes in the chemical composition of the water because I was looking at the effect of water on genomic stability. Chemists would probably have the right answer to that question.

What changes for the person who drinks the water from a Longy glass, for humans or animals, and for plants when they are irrigated?

I believe that by drinking water from a Longy glass we contribute to the detoxification of our own organism and help to maintain the physiological mechanisms of tissue repair.
In some of the changes we have studied, there is a noticeable effect of shortening the cell cycle, cells divide and multiply more quickly, so it is logical to expect a positive effect in agriculture and horticulture. We can expect more plant growth in a shorter period of time and less susceptibility to plant diseases due to the ability to identify damaged cells which are eliminated.

Have you ever tried a glass with a similar effect?

No, I have not.

Would you like to add anything?

It would be very useful to scientifically prove the mechanisms of action of water from the Longy glass, as this water has great potential for preventing degenerative and inflammatory diseases in humans.

Marko Nabergoj, doctor of veterinary medicine

Very good test results

Testing of blood samples from animals on the informed Longy glass showed very good results for veterinarian Mark Nabergoj, PhD. He says:

"Tests on animal organs and locomotor apparatus (which facilitates movement) are very good,” summarises veterinarian Marko Nabergoj from Veterinary Engineering in Moravske Toplice, who tested the Longy glass on animal blood samples. He carried out extensive tests using a Bicom bioresonance device. He is a homeopathy specialist recognised by the Veterinary Chamber of Slovenia. He successfully complements this work, among other things, with the Bicom biomagnetic resonance device, which he uses to perform DNA-based allergy tests and therapies for various diseases.

Marko Nabergoj tested blood samples from different species of animals collected in his practice, including dogs, cats and horses. The sample was broad enough to be statistically valid.

"I didn't measure the exact percentages of performance, but rather whether the glass was working moderately well, very well or not well. I found that it works very well.
I tested the glass on the liver, gall bladder, pancreas, spleen, lungs, locomotor apparatus, heart muscle,” he explained.

He tested this by placing samples of the animal blood in a bioresonance machine. A certain field frequency is created between the animal blood and the device. Then he took test ampoules of body organ frequencies and a Longy glass and tested with a pendulum how the glass acts on the meridians/organs.

Ernst F. Braun & Sarah Steinmann

Proof of superior quality

The water from the informed Longy glass can form hexagonal crystals, which according to the Japanese scientist and water researcher Dr Masaru Emoto (1943-2014) is a proof of its superior quality, as only water with such crystals can be effortlessly used by the body to meet its needs. The Longy glass, with imprinted information from peptides to regenerate the body and prolong life, was tested by researchers Ernst F. Braun and Sarah Steinmann from the Atelier für KUNST und Mystic ( in Uttigen, Switzerland. Water whose molecular structure has been disrupted either by mechanical, chemical or energy influences cannot form hexagonal crystals or these are badly damaged. And the water crystals from the Longy glass are unsurpassable.

The Swiss laboratory has been taking pictures of water crystals using Masaru Emoto's method since 2001. The test is carried out by pipetting a drop of water into a small laboratory vessel. Twenty-two drops of the same water are always taken and then distributed into twenty-two petri dishes. In this case, the drops were taken from a Longy glass that had previously been filled with distilled water. Distilled water is used because it generally does not form crystalline droplets and thus cannot affect the result, so it is a neutral medium.

Water droplets in petri dishes are then frozen at minus 30 °C. During freezing, the water droplet shrinks and eventually forms a small peak. This is where the crystals form, which can be seen and photographed with a normal microscope. They optimize the lighting where necessary. The colours are created by the light reflections, so that the perfect crystal shapes and forms can be displayed.

No crystal shapes on the frozen drops resemble one another. But there can be similarities between them. In the end, they form one of the four most common shapes: the hexagon and the luminous shapes, symbols and signs that can indicate a message.

We can best appreciate the information provided by crystal images if we look at them less analytically, but with our hearts and emotions. They give us a valuable message about the workings of the energies. So look closely at the crystals that have been formed under the influence of the Longy glass and use the intuitive insights that come from them to create positive change in your life. And make as many of them as possible.

Robert Zupančič

Balanced chakras, cleaner aura

The water from the informed Longy glass improved the energy state – the aura – and especially the energy centres – the chakras – of the test subject, who had never drunk water from it before. The test subject’s aura was imaged before drinking from the Longy glass, one hour after and eight days after drinking from the Longy glass every day. The imaging of the aura with the Kirlian GDV/EPC camera was carried out by Robert Zupančič from the Millennium Academy.

The aura is a luminous body that surrounds the physical body in several layers. It contains all the information about a person, including and especially about their psychophysical health. Any disorders that may later develop into physical illnesses are first reflected in the aura or energy field of the person. An examination of a person's energy field will therefore show where in the body there are serious disturbances that can lead to illness. The Kirlian GDV/ EPC camera, developed in 1996 by the Russian scientist Prof. Konstantin Korotkov, is currently the only objective method for determining a person's energy state.

A test of drinking water from an informed Longy glass, monitored by the energy scan method using a Kirlian GDV/EPC camera imaging of the aura after one hour and after eight days of use of the glass, showed a significant and confirmed correlation with changes in the aura of the test subject. The most obvious changes occurred in the chakra alignment, which improved significantly after eight days of Longy use.
"We have also seen an improvement in entropy, i.e. the degree of energy imbalance. This clearly improved after the second aura scanning and rebalanced to an optimal state, so that the test subject was no longer in an energy imbalance after the second scanning, or one hour after drinking water from the Longy glass. This was fully restored on one side of the auric field after the third aura scanning , which was taken after eight days of using the glass", explains Robert Zupančič.

Figure 1: Energy field: first aura scan (left) compared to the third aura scan (right).

Figure 2:  the first aura scan (left) compared to the third aura scan (right). After eight days of drinking from the informed Longy glass, the state of the chakras improved greatly and rebalanced to a normal state, or even to an ideal state in some cases.

Danilo Ogrinc & Nerina Darman

Subtle and energetic impact
on the human body


Biofield researchers Danilo Ogrinec and Nerina Darman from the Alkivita Laboratory - Bioscience Centre studied the impact of the informed Longy glass on water with a device for measuring free energy or quantum coherence. The results showed a very favourable subtle and energetic impact on water and, through water, on the human body. The water we drink from the Longy glass establishes a better level of coherence within us, at all levels.

They tested the Longy glass with a "gamma monitor” device to measure free energy or quantum coherence.

They carried out twelve measurements, for each of the following four cases. The empty Longy glass had a value of +38. The Longy glass filled with water had a value of + 208. The reference environment with no glass and no water had a value of - 100.  A regular glass and water had a value of + 174.

The Longy glass with water had a significantly higher free energy than a regular glass; higher values mean a more favourable environment for health and well-being, for psychophysical functionality and less entropy, which is a contributing factor to ageing and disease. Drinking water from an informed Longy glass therefore creates a very favourable subtle and energetic influence on the water and, through the water, on our body. The water is pleasant and soft to drink, and it also lifts our mood, energy and vitality.

The water we drink from a Longy glass creates a better level of coherence within us, which means that it promotes the harmony of vital functions, the optimal functioning and cooperation of all the processes involved. It returns the body to an orderly state of greater organisation in the harmony of the physical and mental systems.

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